NSRP Panel SP-2 Publications

On 6 August 2007 I posted on The Afterguard "a collection of quotations that I believe are useful to those who are concerned with management of shipyards that build, modernize and repair ships, specifically including naval ships, and heavy construction other than ships."

That blog prompted the following 29 May 2008 comment:

"Thank you, Lou, for these gems and much else that you have put on the internet. I marvel at your energy and output. Where do you find the time to do all this gratis work? America owes its greatness to people like you."

a reader from Pakistan

Because of that inspiration, I decided to post the U.S. National Shipbuilding Research Program Panel SP-2 publications that were composed by shop engineers and managers employed by Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., (IHI) of Japan. Now, almost three decades later, because they emphasize proven logic and principles, they remain the most-copied documents for improving the effectiveness, and above all safety, of shipyard operations. If as a consequence of this posting just one life is spared, or even if just one injury is avoided, this latest effort is very worthwhile.

Louis D. Chirillo

Note: The publications are presented as ZIPped files of Microsoft Word documents. Document quality is high in order to achieve good legibility; thus each file is relatively large.

The same publications are available at http://lou.chirillo.com/ subdivided by chapter or divisions of chapters in order to achieve files sizes less than 10 MB.